Software Development

CSDC has a team of experienced specialists (software developers, applications architects, project managers, designers and consultants) skillful in MS .NET, Java (ME, SE, EE), SAP ABAP, ORACLE, Delphi and other developing environments who has proved themselves in a lot of successfully implemented projects with different architectures (desktop, client/server, SQL-RDB, Web, Apps). We develop tailor-made software products, solutions, and systems at customers’ request, realize software projects of home and abroad assignors, and provide our own software solutions to the market.

SAP Services

As of its foundation CSDC is building and developing the competences of a significant part of its team in the software solutions of SAP AG, providing SAP consultants and developers (technical consultants) for implementing and developing SAP projects.
During the years CSDC has worked in all areas of SAP technology: SAP Development, SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP ERP Baseline and SAP Portal (SAP WebDynPro). It is not by chance that a SAP application, ordered to us by a foreign customer, and designed and developed entirely by our team in Sofia, is the first certified by the international software corporation SAP AG product, developed by Bulgarian software company (SEE IKAN ALM).
CSDC provides to its Bulgarian and foreign customers feasibility studies, implementation, and support of SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP ERP Baseline and SAP Portal systems, as well as development in SAP ABAP and Java. Our specialists, highly qualified SAP consultants and developers, are available for SAP assignments both at the customer’s place (on-site) and remotely from our office.
Our software developers in SAP ABAP and Java, relying on their deep knowledge and wide experience, can overcome any technical challenge our customers encounter with.

Training Automation Services

CSDC offers creation of interactive training means, materials, and documents for any IT application, including SAP, no matter of the vendor or implementer; such materials we can create for non-IT activities as well.

Project Implementation (Outsourcing)

In the field of outsourcing the company provides its customers with qualified dedicated software developers and architects with European work ethics. Project implementation is based on the company experience in the field, and the large pool of qualified professionals the company has, thus helping the customers to achieve optimal price-performance ratios.
With the outsourced development projects the objective of CSDC is to provide opportunities concerning flexibility of personnel, programming tools, and scope of projects, to small to medium size organizations. The company offers to its customers, commonly established European software houses, an elasticity of personnel, in order to optimize their variable production costs.
Teams of experienced developers led by proven project managers ensure the fast and accurate tasks accomplishment. Customers’ know-how is protected by registered individual agreement concerning confidentiality with any of our developers. CSDC provides for any logistics and support – technical, financial, legal, infrastructure and security.

Providing Specialists (Outstaffing)

CSDC provides developers, designers, software solution architects, project managers, and consultants for creating and realizing software solutions (outstaffing) both on-site and remotely.