The Idea

The meaning of the word “document” has significantly changed. Along with the “classical” paper documents the notion includes computer files in many different formats, including authorized by an electronic signature, e-mails, graphics, pictures, sound and video. Business needs powerful means for managing and archiving of documents in electronic formats (Document Management System, DMS).
Bulgarian SME need professional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions of the medium range, providing business processes for servicing their trade activities but not overloading their budgets, and also not requiring long and expensive implementation and training of their personnel. If such a solution allows also digitalizing of the existing paper documentary archive and includes management of all kind of electronic documents as well, it would be the perfect solution they are expecting.
Solving these problems was the aim at creating DiAS. The product is developed by our Belgian partner Computers and Communications N.V., and CSDC participated in this development. DiAS is widely disseminated in Belgium and the Netherlands, and recently implemented in Bulgaria also. CSDC is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria and the Balkans.

The Solution

In its essence, DiAS is a realization of an integrated approach towards all aspects of document management and its impact on the business processes in an organization. The base of the system is the DMS module, but there are three more: CRM, Process management (Workflow), and Project management (Dossiers).
DiAS is the modern solution you need. It offers complete DMS functionality for all kind of documents and communication means: scanning of paper documents with optical character recognition (OCR) for different languages and their archiving in standard editable formats such as PDF, but also archiving and management of all kind of digital formats (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, txt, xml, audio/video, dwg, e-mail, phone conversations, etc.). The system integrates DMS functionality with full-fledged CRM solution, as well as process and project management. It supports electronic signature.
DiAS is the optimal price/performance solution. It offers complete functionality and fast return on investment.
The intuitive graphical UI of DiAS is close to the MS Office products, and this makes the product easy for comprehending, learning, and everyday work.
We participated in DiAS development that is a warranty for the quality of the support provided.

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