The idea

In today’s dynamic world, companies are striving hard to be on the crest of the wave and take advantage of every new growth opportunity relative to their competitors. The economic logic of today’s industry does not allow passivity and relying solely on previous successes, but pushes entrepreneurs to turn their eyes to more and more niches and opportunities. On the other hand, business software makers are constantly trying to provide their current and future clients with relevant software solutions that largely meet their new needs.

What exactly does a modern, dynamic company want to be innovative and work on again?

In the first place, it must be able to quickly meet the needs of the market and provide its customers with the goods and services they seek in the shortest possible time, in the highly competitive environment created by the digitalisation of the modern economy. Well-known Business Management Systems (ERPs) come to the rescue, which must meet the new requirements of the market so as to facilitate the execution of all new business processes.

The Solution

Following this trend, the ERP4U team provides the right software solution based on exactly the requirements that come from the new digital economy. ERP4U is a brand new software application created with the tools of Microsoft’s latest platform – .Net Core, which frees clients from the constraints of a particular operating system or database. The application also includes in its suite of business processes only those that are compatible with the new digital economic environment and do not burden users with processes inherent in the bygone analogue era.

In order to take advantage of ERP4U, the client can operate in a wide hybrid environment of any convenient terminal devices connected to the Internet such as smartphones, tablets or PCs that have a standard Internet browser. The system includes all business-standard business processes and those that are unique to the company are customized during implementation; as a result, the overall system is 4U (for you).