The Idea

IKANALM is an instrumental complex for application lifecycle management of software systems, developed by the Belgian software company IKAN, and part of it was outsourced to CSDC. It covers the whole lifecycle of the software systems and includes source control and teamwork environment, build and deploy facilities based on the software modules dependences, and provides abilities for up to day version control and release management. IKANALM targets the high-tech enterprises which manage complex and multiple development, test, and production software environments.
When the time came for IKANALM to be integrated with the SAP developing environment, IKAN DEVELOPMENT NV assigned to us the responsible task to design and realize the integration.

The Solution

The SAP team of CSDC has fulfilled the assigned task – starting with the architecture design and finished with the implementation – exactly in the envisaged one-year term and on 13 April 2011 the integration of IKANALM with the SAP environment was successfully certified by the HQ of SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany. IKANALM is owned and sold by IKAN DEVELOPMENT NV. CSDC is engaged with its support and enhancement.

The reference from IKAN DEVELOPMENT NV for the successful realization you can read here:
The reference from IKAN DEVELOPMENT NV for building the IKANALM demonstration center you can read here: