The Idea

Modern business process automation solutions has to be accessed from standard, desktop or mobile, working places (computers and laptops), and from many mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) as well.
In the base of any such solution to a great extent lie standardized administrative functions – users registration and management, authorization of the levels and rights of access, and security assuring – realized by a specialized administrative module.
This module is upgraded with the specific business functionality, corresponding to the specific business processes and customer’s requirements.

The Solution

CSDC provides WEB solution for business process automation, based on the generalized administrative module. The solution is accessible from any computer and mobile devices, under different OS.
Due to the great interest in using it on mobile platforms, as well as the great opportunities the solution offers for organizing of distribution and retail trade, we called it MoRe (Mobile Retailer).
The adaptable software components of MoRe allow fast building of specialized systems for different business processes (customized business solutions) in many areas. 

Users: Using the software modules of MoRe a specialized information system was built for the needs of Billa Bulgaria Ltd.