The Idea

In every production process extraordinary situations such as deviations from the technological process, breakdowns, or other disadvantages appear. The in-time and exact informing the persons responsible for the production is decisive for ensuring the production quality, decreasing of the technological rejects, keeping up the time schedule, and minimizing the production loses.
A modern solution of the problem has to provide its users – the responsible persons for the production process – flexible access via Internet.

The Solution

PIM (Production Issue Manager) is an adaptable WEB-based system for managing the events in the production process.
The participants in the production process who are users of the system can be active or passive. The active users are generating messages or give recommendations for corrective actions, and the passive ones receive this information. Users could be also external for the company persons, responsible for the equipment support, repair, or spare parts delivery.
The accumulated information for the registered events in the production process is processed for statistical output to the management, in order the whole production process to be bettered and optimized.
The system is implemented and successfully used in the production enterprise Herti JSC – Shumen. With the help of its users it is continuously improved and enhanced. Herti JSC is our referential customer, ready to consult representatives of potential customers.