The Idea

Internet, content management systems, and software packages for graphic content proceeding allow creating of software solutions for remote printing materials preparation, by independent users, as well as by corporative customers.
In the perfect case such systems offer to their users also a rich choice of digital assets, thus allowing them to prepare fast and easily exclusively high quality printing materials.

The Solution

CSDC has designed, developed and implemented the Internet-available application “Print for you”, which allows the printing enterprises, as well as their customers, to generate from their remote working places printing tasks and to order their execution, by an easy accessed, rich and flexible browser independent Internet interface. This interface gives them access to a powerful application and a rich database of digital assets whose main purpose is producing of high quality digital products, ready-made for printing on a wide range of printing equipment – from analogue printing presses to the extremely powerful computerized complexes as Xerox iGen3. This solution is accessible 24 hours daily 7 days in a week.
The users have different roles, including administrators. Any registered user has her/his personal profile based on the resources allocated to her/him. The user can check and add her/his own templates, look at the output in real time, prepare high-quality printing materials, including multilanguage labels with pictures, icons, barcodes and prices, printing ready, as well as can order printing. Printing sheets with optimized disposition are generated, history and reordering are supported.